Film Producer, Festival Curator, Educator, Trainer, Novelist

Film Producer, Festival Curator, Educator, Trainer, Novelist

Film Producer, Festival Curator, Educator, Trainer, NovelistFilm Producer, Festival Curator, Educator, Trainer, Novelist


The Garland Stone Imprint

Story telling is at the heart of my life. I was raised in a place where the myths of the Mabinogion were set, a place where the supernatural was everyday. These ideas shaped my creative thinking since childhood.

Garland Stone was formed to bring these stories to a wider audience, through creating feature films, short films, and novels. Garland Stone is named after the coaster on which many of my family sailed, and the ship itself is named ofter a rock off the coast of my native Pembrokeshire. 

Garland Stone's Mission Statement is to create Cutting Edge Horror with an Ancient Heritage.

All of our projects adhere to this core idea - contemporary tales based on the folk tales of the world. 

Our earliest professional project, Rhyfel Cartre/Home Front (pictured above) was the springboard to other projects produced as far apart as Wales, South Korea and the Middle East. 

Further projects have been developed with the same guiding idea. 

The Borderland Creative Universe is based on the Celtic Mythical World I discovered in my youth, became the TV series pitched internationally, and is at the core of  such novels as Black Valley, Folk Devil and Sanctus

John Washbourne, Head of Development at Garland Stone, and I have co-written a number of the projects now being released as novels.

You will find details of the project and how to buy them as  e-books in all formats below.

The "Old Flames" Website

The novel Old Flames has its own dedicated website. 

Here you will find information on the actual historical background to the novel and details on the setting. 

Click on the Old Flames Website button below to access the site.